Canada Citizenship by Investment

Canada is a great country to live, work, and do business with high standards of living. Canada does not have any direct citizenship through investment but you can gain Canadian citizenship through residency (ie. naturalization)


We offer business investors 2 programs to gain  permanent residency (PR)  in Canada.

  1. Canada Business Investor Fast Track
  2. Quebec Investor Program

Canada Business Investor Fast Track Program

Under this program, you must currently own a business and establish a branch of company in Canada. You must have enough business experience. As a owner of the company you can move to Canada with your family and do business. This is an easy and inexpensive way to move to Canada. The total costs should come around C$ 170,000.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

Under the Canada Immigrant Investor program (Quebec/Federal), the minimum investment needed CAD$ 800, 00 which has to be invested on fully guaranteed interest free government term deposit for 5 years. Further, the applicant must have a net worth of CAD$ 1.6 million. Spouse can be included to show the net worth.

Once the application was approved or upon receiving Canadian permanent residence, the investor and his family do not have to reside in Quebec.

Financing option can be arranged. We can have your investment deposit financed by financial intermediaries and the cost for you, your spouse and the dependent children would be in the range of CAD$ 195,000 to CAD$ 220,000 used as down payment. The cost does not include Quebec and Canada Government fees, cost of translations, courier service etcWe only work with Govt approved banks and institutions in Canada.

Qualification criteria for Quebec:

  1. Must have business experience of 2-4 years
  2. No English test  and interview may be waived.

Canada Passport

You can apply for Canada citizenship and passport after 3 years of residency inclusive of 2 year of PR.